7305 Days

by tomorrow massacre

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This is the last day of my youth and tomorrow it will be 7305 days I'm on Earth, and by the way this the first album of the year.


released February 3, 2015


tags: rock noise France


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tomorrow massacre France


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Track Name: Mellow
she was hypnotized
by the mellow tone of his voice
getting older does mellow
the hard edges around the anger

the course of true love
never did run smooth
her damp hair was slicked back
and her heady look towards the deers

a smile transformed his stern face

but my husband gets these crazy ideas
that my poppets are voodoo dolls
and that I stick pins in them
what an idea he said
Track Name: Settle Back Easy Jim
settle back easy jim
keeping several whims
after one cup of tea
like melancholy crushed in honey

another attractive sin
came over she and jim
they ought one thousand miles
because they lost all the files

and one more time you've come over me after all
Track Name: Sunny School Day
hey you little girl when i find you in a park
i put your hand in mine and now we are close
you are not alone anymore and you smile
when i see the daisies in your mind i'm feeling fine

when the bell is ringing you run out of the school
you push your lover and go breathe the fresh air
your lungs are full with all the deadliest smoke
but you don't really care and enjoy the sun
Track Name: Today's Problem
today I don't want to leave this town
I just want to stay with you one more time

today it was the first day of my life
I am so tired to don't see you