Elegant Smoker

by tomorrow massacre

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released December 23, 2014


tags: rock noise France


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tomorrow massacre France


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Track Name: Strawberry Sauce
i can't see you at all
through all these tournsoles
you are lying on the misty hill
and you have a very good will

when we are making love
all our problems are solved
my wings unfold after a kiss
I swear never one to miss

strawberry sauce in your mind

when you wear your capeline
i can't imagine being blind
now you run on the purple grasses
and you falter through the ashes

strawberry sauce in your mind
Track Name: Here I Sit Again
here i sit again with you
under the tree where we hug and kiss too

i can't see you
i can't see you

we walked througth the square garden
i don't want to walk alone
Track Name: Flowers In Your Hair
i love your dress and your hair
baby let's do a walk with me
and i will never cry to say goodbye

flowers in your hair

stars are calling our names
we are waited for both of them
we are not ready to go in heaven

flowers in your hair
Track Name: Beautiful
even though i don't care
you should be pretty my dear
take your beautifulest bra
dress your hair, don't be messy

i just want you to be beautiful

you're wearing your prettiest dress
when you are doing make up
i want to hold you and kiss you
but tonight you're only a dream

i just want you to be beautiful
Track Name: One Day of November
love my girl
when we are shy with each other
with cold hands in her neck
but then she tooks my hand in her hand
i don't love her but i think i will
please make me smile everyday
don't you think i could love you
i wish i could but not too late
Track Name: Never Winter
close your eyes
and you'll never see
the last wise man really die

when you are
in front of me
you wouldn't give a kiss to me

and you will never dream
and you never sleep
you can't seem you've been
Track Name: Ignition Latches
baby, when you are lonely
i'll be there
baby when you are free
i wanna be there

kiss grooves like the ignition latches

when was the last kiss
on the lips
with the play button
love's like a switch